Eve Online News Reviews EVE Billionaire

Becoming an EVE Billionaire   

You really need to hear what I have to tell you. Believe me, you will be glad that you did. I have played EVE Online for a number of years, trying one method after the other to make as much ISK as possible. I even talked to several other EVE Online players to find out if they knew something that I did not know.

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Once I invested in EVE Billionaire, I learned how to make billions just like all of the other rich EVE Online players out there. In fact, the eve online guide has methods that are actually quite simple. The best part is that any player, even newbies, are able to learn how to make billions of ISK.

EVE Billionaire takes the techniques and strategies that the richest players in the game use and improves them, adding tons of their own to create the ultimate eve online isk guide and earning as much ISK as possible. These are new methods that have never before been seen. I used these methods to make billions.

Once you read EVE Billionaire, you will never play EVE Online the same way ever again. Not only will you be making more ISK than seemingly possible, but also you will be putting forth less effort to do so.

Another great thing about EVE Billionaire is that all of the strategies that you will learn are 100% legal. You do not have to worry about losing your account because of macros, hacks or bots.

With these strategies, your account is totally safe, unlike dealing with ISK sellers, which will get you banned from the game instantly. In addition, the cost of dealing with ISK sellers is ridiculous. It is surprising how much EVE Online players are paying for ISK. If those players knew what I know from following the methods of this eve isk guide, they would kick themselves for sure.

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I dont know about you, but I do not have the time to spend hour after hour and day after day running missions and mining in order to earn the ISK that I need to get the most out of the online spacecraft game. After investing in this eve isk guide, I dont have to waste time building funds. Instead, I can spend more time getting my game on and having a good time playing the way the game was meant to be played.

It makes no difference how long I play each day; I am still able to make massive amounts of ISK, even when I am not sitting in front of my computer. Of course, the more I play the more ISK I make, but EVE Billionaire showed me how to earn large amounts of ISK without taking up a great deal of my time.

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EVE Online News Reviews EVE Domination

What is Eve Online and what is the best eveonline guide ? Eve Online News intends on giving you the honest review you need to hear.

I have been playing EVE Online since the online spacecraft game was first released. I spent hundreds of hours generating ISK, training and PvP. I had to play for six months before I was able to access 0.0 Space. Finally, I realized that all of this groundwork was pointless when I discovered this Eve online guide.

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When it comes to EVE Online players, the rich continue making money and using strategies to control the game’s economy. These players are generating hundreds of millions per day, without spending hour upon hour in front of a computer screen.
I decided I was tired of wasting my time. I wanted to find out how to beat the most difficult missions in the game as quickly as possible. I wanted to know how to get the best ships.
I searched through all of the EVE Online news sites and Eve online guide reviews, looking for the best isk guide to the game. I did not want to risk my account, so I needing to find something that did not involve bots, hacks or any other illegal activity. However, all I could was a bunch of guides that were written by Internet marketers trying to make a buck.
I wanted to find a guide that was written by someone who had actually played the game. Good news, I found it. EVE Domination is the ultimate Eve online guide. Even newbie players who do not have social skills trained can advance through the agent levels quickly to become a pro overnight.
In less than a week, I was destroying other players in PvP. I learned how to build awesomely powerful ships that did not cost a fortune. I also learned how to speed up the mining process, without doing major damage to my ship. I always thought Veldspar was the single best ore to mine. As it turns out, I was wrong. Best of all, I only have to play for an hour a day and I still advance through the game like I was born to play.

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EVE Domination is easy to understand, without a lot of technical garble. Compared to other guides available, it is incredibly affordable. In fact, it is an excellent value for your money.
Now, I am one of the wealthiest players in the game. I am making hundreds of millions every day, even when I am not at my computer, and I have EVE Domination to thank.

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Eve Online News – Special Summit Minutes Finally Released By CCP

One thing that really gets us going here are EVE Online News is drama. No drama is better than the drama that takes place on an Internet spaceship drama. With all of the whining and huffing that came out of the release of the EVE Online Incarna expansion last summer, and we must not forget the Monocle-Gate controversy, EVE Online updates continue to make waves.
The game’s developer CCP has at last come around to the release of the minutes from an “emergency” meeting with the Council of Stellar Management that took place in Iceland and lasted for two days earlier this summer.
The official document that was released by the popular online game’s developers state, “The discussions that took place during this summit were extremely frank, and CSM and CCP strongly disagreed over some issues. For this reason, it is important to understand that statements attributed to CSM in this document reflect the opinions of CSM members during the summit, and statements attributed to CCP reflect the opinions of CCP staff present during those meetings. This document is a record of what happened during the summit.”
EVE Online News discovered that according to CCP Xhagen, a project leader of the Council of Stellar Management, such a lengthy delay came as a result of the fact that “it takes time to create a document that everyone can accept. It is important to keep in mind that CSM meeting minutes are not released unless both CCP and the CSM give their approval. This is a mandate that I have set as the CSM Project Manager and I stand by it even if it means delays like this one.”
The document that was recently released by the video game developer includes a summary of the discussions, in addition to presenting the ruckus that surrounds the quarter performance of the captain, the Noble Exchange, as well as the game developer’s future plans for virtual goods from both the perspective of devs and the perspective of player representatives. The PDF file that was released ultimately acts as a useful abridgement of the online spacecraft’s latest explosion of drama.
According to an EVE Online Update on the developer’s blog, the minutes have officially been accepted. If EVE Online News readers would like to read the eight-page report it in its entirety, you can do so by following this link: Summit Minutes You can see for yourself exactly what was talked about during the two-day summit to draw your own opinion.

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Eve Online News Tells Of A Broken Peace Treaty for EVE Online

In an EVE Online update, EVE Online News has learned that the peace treaty that was formed between the game’s developers CCP Games and the player-run Council of Stellar Management has been broken.

The chairperson of the Council of Stellar Management, which is more commonly known among EVE Online fans as the CSM, Alexander Gianturco has made the declaration that the core of the EVE Online gameplay has been abandoned, stating, “The gloves are off”.

On his website, Alexander Gianturco made this statement, declaring his disapproval or the way CCP is handling things, “We will not stand idly by as an alliance while our subscription money goes to waste, watching the game we pay to play spiraling into entropy due to the folly and neglect of CCP’s management. It is not yet time to start a fire, but get your gasoline ready.”

It seems as if the angry outburst has been triggered by the avatar-based Incarna expansion as well as the introduction of microtransactions. Gianturco voiced his disapproval by saying, “In the past, Eve expansions were based off the desires of the players, to augment their behavior.” He continued, “We need something new to do, not something new to wear.”

According to Gianturco, the players’ stockpiling of goods in GSCs led to Player Owned Stations. He also noted that outposts were added “based on the obvious attempts to build more infrastructure in 0.0.” He also said, “Wormholes provided a place for players to indulge in a no-local environment and explore the unknown. Capital ships were created to deal with the POSes, and Supercapitals were made due to a fit of utter stupidity that haunts the Reykjavik office to this day.”

Eve Online News discovered Gianturco pointing out that following an expansion, there is generally a “surge of players” that joins in on the game. So many new users tend to cause “peaks and valleys” in the Peak Concurrent User numbers. The reason for this is people try out the new content, and then they either leave or decide to hang around and play the game. However, according to Gianturco, Incarna “essentially had no impact”.

After expressing his frustration with the CCP management team, Eve Online News learned Gianturco said, “So the gloves come off … In the coming weeks we are going to be making some extremely loud statements regarding the neglect of FiS, the failure of Incarna, and the need for CCP’s management to pull the game out of this stall. We need something new to do, not something new to wear.”

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Eve Online News Tells of New Economic Datastream

Here at EVE Online News, we consider ourselves to be rather intelligent. However, a recent post on the development blog really got the wheel to turning. In order to follow along with a recent post on the EVE Online development blog by Dr. Dr. Eyjolfur Guomundsson, you may need to brush up on your economics. If looking at graphs, charts and tech talk is not your thing, then you may get a little drowsy when you read what Guomundsson had to say in his August 30th development blog post.


 Dr. Eyjolfur Guomundsson is the resident economist over at EVE Online developer CCP. In addition, he is also quite the expert on all things that relate to the ever-changing marketplace of New Eden.

 Apparently, ever since he attended his initial Fanfest four years ago in 2007, Guomundsson has been discussing the possibility of improved access for pod pilots to the vast amount of data that is available through EVE Online. According to Guomundsson, the greatest challenge has been finding a way to make the data accessible consistently, but in a format that is easy for EVE Online players to use to their benefit.

 In order to sum up what Dr. Eyjolfur Guomundsson said in his recent post on the EVE Online development blog, CCP is preparing to unwrap a new datastream. He wrote, “I am pleased to inform you that we have made headway towards having a system in place that would allow us to give EVE players access to historical time series on items sold in the main EVE market hubs.”

So, just what exactly does all of this mean for the players of the popular online spacecraft game? Simply put, “Knowledge is power, and we want to give EVE Online pod pilots more power.” The final presentation format for the data dump has not yet been decided. However, the initial test is available for you to try in your choice of files types, which include CSV and SQL.

Guomundsson writes, “This is just a test run so that Team Sleeper Cell can continue their work on getting you this data on a consistent basis in convenient format. But we would also like to hear your comments on the usability of this data; give us examples on how you would use it. If this turns out to be popular, it is my opinion that the more we can directly give to you, the better.”

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Eve Online News Discovers Over One Trillion ISK Stolen In Historic Scam

Out of all the stories that are reported by EVE Online, Eve Online News believes it’s the tales of corruption and misconduct that grab the most attention from our readers. Thieveries and frauds would cause players of most MMOs to close their accounts with utter swiftness, yet an EVE Online review reveals that they make up a genuine and obscure part of the EVE Online universe.

The massive 800 billion ISK Titans4U scam last year, the famous Guiding Hand Social Club attack six years ago and Ricdic’s EBank scandal are only a few of the high-profile scams to impact the EVE Online community over the past few years.

Recently the largest scam to ever be recorded affected, not just a few, but thousands of players of the EVE Online game. This particular scam was like taking a brick to the face for EVE Online players, with an accumulation of a record one trillion ISK in ultimate profits.

This event just proves that old ideas are still operable. Mordor Exuel along with Eddie Lampert managed to pull off a simple Ponzi scheme on an immense scale. The devious duo promised EVE Online players never before seen returns of five percent each week on ISK that they invest. The pair could be seen regularly in the high sec market hubs, ballyhooing their vastly lucrative investment. Most EVE Online players will recognize announcements such as, “Deposit an investment at Phaser Inc. and receive 5% interest on weekly basis. Check www.phaserinc.com for all the details and to register for an account!”

The twosome persuaded more than four thousand EVE Online players to open accounts with their organization, Phaser Inc., a major investment scheme. A large number of players that were initially hesitant were won over in the long run to invest by tangible testimonials from their friends.

Optimistic EVE Online players invested more than 1.8 trillion ISK, of which 345.18 billion was paid as interest and 452.72 billion was withdrawn by suspicious investors. When the organization closed, the owners took the remainder, which was still more than a trillion ISK. Putting such a massive number in perspective, it would be enough to purchase close to three thousand 30-day time codes, which is worth almost $52,000.

Eve Online News discovered upon the closing of Phaser Inc. on August 12, a statement was posted on their site saying, “Most likely, this will cause a lot of questions. The most important question will be answered right here, right now. The ISK is gone; you will not see it ever again. You’ve invested it, got a chance on some profit, but it turned out to be not the best choice you’ve ever made. That’s how investing works. At least, that’s how it went for the most of you.”

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Eve Online News Announces Major Long-Term Changes for EVE Online

Not so long ago, EVE Online News learned about an EVE Online initiative to promote significant changes to the nullsec regions of the online spacecraft game. Recently, CCP elaborated on the original concept through an extended new blog post that should do away with any doubts as to whether or not the developers expect the game to continue far into the distant future.

In a previous blog post, the background for the design efforts in progress for the nullsec was explained. In addition, an explanation was also given for the high-level rules related to all of nullsec. If you have not read the earlier blog post on this particular topic, it is recommended that you do so before reading the new EVE Online update from CCP Greyscale, which was posted on the development blog on August 15, 2011.

Eve Online News discovered the earlier post primarily outlined things that should be factual in relation to all that goes into nullsec. It provided information on the general framework of the online game, yet it did not explain the direction the developers are heading with the various elements that currently make up the nullsec, as well as the things that they plan to add in the near future.

After a number of brainstorming sessions, both with the Council of Stellar Management as well as internally, to explain the most important aspects of gameplay should be in the nullsec, in addition to providing guiding principles for individual features or areas. The developers of EVE Online have harvested information, analyzed the results and pulled everything together into their vision of what is to come.

In this new blog post, CCP Greyscale provides an outline that features a number of bullet points. All of the details of this major change has been discussed at great length among both the develop team for EVE Online and the Council of Stellar Management, who is responsible for conveying all of the needs and desire of the game’s players to the developers to ensure everyone is happy with the game.

The primary goal is to make the nullsec the place to be when it comes to primary gameplay with EVE Online. The post provides detailed information on everything from territory to mining as well as conquest and exploration.

“Hopefully the amount of stuff in here will also make it clearer why we’re saying ‘more than five years.’ For example, those few bullet points under ‘exploration’ mean replacing all of the exploration content that’s been developed in the past five years.,” CCP Greyscale explains.

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Eve Online News Identifies Players Having Quite an Effect on EVE Online

According to the developers of the EVE Online spacecraft game, CCP, the democratically elected player government is playing a major role in the actual development of the popular MMO. EVE Online News has learned that the significant turns that the EVE Online game has taken is primarily guided by the players.

John Turbefield, who works with CCP Research and Statistics, recently stated that it is possible to “point to things such as the skill queue and the removal of the learning skills as examples of things that were greatly affected by input from the CSM.”

With the opening of Tranquility, players of EVE Online were given the opportunity to have an indirect say-so in the way the virtual society is managed. Feedback from players has always been crucial to the evolution of the game, enabling CCP at their discretion to develop generalizations about player concerns and society issues.

With more than 220,000 people playing EVE Online, it was time for a little power to be handed over to the players through a formal channel of communication that would have a direct impact on the development of the EVE Online society. Thus was created the position of Council of Stellar Management.

The CSM is elected by the players of the online game and he or she is required to travel to CCP’s headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland at least two times a year in order to help guide the team through the development of the game.

Recently, an emergency meeting of the CSM was called by the company to discuss the controversies that surround the new microtransactions. John Turbefield said, “They are a key reason for the increased priority given to lag-fixing efforts and for our move towards a more ‘staggered’ release cycle where we release expansions to EVE in parts rather than all at once”.

According to CSM5 member Robert Woodhead, often the body must balance the needs of the existing high-level player base with the need to attract more players into the particularly multifaceted online space game. The CSM typically brings up issues for the team to fix that are most beneficial to the longtime players of the game.

Woodhead also said, “We know that there has to be a balance, but we think there’s a lot of benefit to be had by going back and looking at things like low sec or factional warfare, and using the experience that has been gained over the last couple of years and saying, ‘Okay, let’s do a version 2.0 on this.’ The difficult part is figuring which of these issues is the one we think CCP should do first and then actually convincing CCP to do it.”

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Eve Online News – Plans to Monetize EVE Online API Stalled

Eve Online News has learned that the recently announced plans to monetize and license the EVE Online API have been put on hold for now. The online space game that puts players in a single virtual universe proposed a license that would make it possible for any developer using the API for apps to make money in exchange for a yearly fee.

Shortly following the annual fanfest in Iceland, the EVE Online game developer CCP released the details for the licensing programing. However, EVE Online reviews showed that the players in the online community were not happy with the changes being made. Therefore, CCP was prompted to put the changes on hold until later in the year, once they have had the chance to address some of the concerns.

EVE Online News went straight to the terms of service, which currently state that no third party developer has the legal rights to charge users any type of fee for services or applications using the EVE API. The new license that is being proposed makes it possible for developers to monetize their codes via subscription fees, ads, game currency, app stores, donations and more.

The technical director for EVE Online announced the details for the changes in a blog post. He wrote, “This is a pretty simple program and hopefully it will help you convincing your significant other that developing applications for a space game until 3am in the morning is a good idea.”

The cost for the new license is $99 per year for commercial apps and the license for non-commercial apps will be available for free, according to CCP’s proposal. A royalty free license for that amount is not anything unusual, yet this is where the trouble with the EVE community begins. 

According to EVE Online reviews, players particularly do not like the idea of charging a fee for currency transactions in the game. In addition, EVE Online players feel that the overall cost is just too high. Feedback on the EVE Online forum quickly accumulated more than thirty pages of primarily negative comments from outraged players of the online spacecraft game.

EVE Online game developers responded by revising their initial post and adding a little clarification with their own forum comments. In addition, CCP also released a brief video of an interview with EVE Online’s lead producer. CCP claims the new terms are just a first draft in an effort to distance themselves from areas with the greatest controversy.

In an EVE Online update, Jon Bjarnason wrote, “The blog represents the first draft of what our bizdev department is thinking of in terms of the license agreement. We published it to get feedback from you guys.”

Senior Producer of EVE Online at CCP Arnar Hrafn Gylfason wrote in the feedback thread, “It is in no way the purpose of the program to deter or make money off 3rd party development. The core purpose is simply to have control our IP and brand and have a contract in place so we can have some form of regulation on apps and services that use the EVE name and EVE resources (API).”

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EVE Online News Announces Social Site, “EVE Is Real”

EVE ONLINE NEWS presents ”EVE Is Real

EVE Online is launching a social site known as EveisReal.net as a way of celebrating the unique player-generated universe. The developer of EVE, CCP Games, recently announced the project, which is described as a “virtual museum” for players of the space MMO to share their EVE Online news stories, artwork, videos and images.

We all know that EVE Online was first launched in 2003, since then it has blossomed into a persistent online universe that has led to countless tales. With the creation of EVE Is Real, CCP Games is hoping to capture as many of these tales as possible. In addition, the social site is also offering an added incentive for players to share and contribute the stories on EVE Is Real on social media sites, which includes rewards for the entire community of the MMO.

Eve Online News has learned CCP Games released a statement saying, “As players share more stories, both into the site and out from the site they are helping unlock over $6.5 million in virtual currency.” In addition, they also said, “Each unlock stage is worth over $1M in virtual goods (around 107,000 months of game time AKA PLEX each), with every active paying EVE customer getting a slice of the rewards themselves.”

EVE Online News has also learned about a number of ongoing side contests. By competing for best video or best image, you could win some pretty awesome computer hardware, including Alienware Area-51 rig and GeForce GTX 460 SE.

CCP Games said, “EveisReal.net is something that could only come out of Eve.” They also said, “These stories just don’t happen elsewhere. Eve players choose the harsh, often brutal struggle in Eve because it has true meaning and real consequences.”

Most likely, if you are an EVE Online player (which if you are reading this, I’m sure you are), you have a story to tell. It is not just any story, but a story that will weave its way into the fabrics of life, and make the world of EVE more real for all who experience it. For those who play, EVE Online is more than just a mere game. 

EVE Is Real makes it possible for players to share all of these amazing stories with one another. This project is an innovative and unique approach, much different from the way things have always been done in the past. Of course, existing players of the online game may not be super excited about the launch of the new social site at first glance, but great potential rests at its center.

In the meantime, Eve Online News would love to hear your stories – we know you have plenty. Dont be shy!! Leave your story using the comments link below.


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